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For Commercial Showers
KOHLER BodySpa Systems

BodySpa by KOHLER. Not just hydro-massage, but the force of hydro-power harnessed to fuel a water revolution in bathing and personal care.

The idea is simple. The engineering innovative. The insight into today's needs uncanny. Take a series of whirlpool jets - only arrange them vertically in a shower-like enclosure. Then, instead of pushing water through water - as in a whirlpool - propel it through the air, so it's just the user and the force of the bodyjets.


Installation Flexibility
Custom 10- or 8-jet BodySpa personal hydro-massage systems may be created from components for installation in an alcove or corner. 10-Jet BodySpa

Personalized Hydro-Massage Experience

An electronic touch pad placed within easy reach allows the user to adjust the intensity and direction of the water flow for just the right degree of massage action.
Personalized Hydro-Massage Experience Custom Comfort
BodySpa systems are ergonomically engineered for the ultimate in comfort. Seats, jets, headrests, footrests and lumbar supports are placed exactly where they need to be. An integral heater is standard on all BodySpa systems and helps maintain the original water temperature for the duration of the hydro-massage experience.

Continuous Water Recirculation
KOHLER BodySpa Systems deliver an invigorating, full-body hydro-massage in the comfort of your own home. Customize your massage experience from the variety of flow options, from a gentle stream to high-powered blasts--choose from 10- and 8-jet models. The integrated pump system recirculates water up to two times per minute, ensuring no water is wasted. And with the drain open, you can use the showerhead for a conventional shower with soap and shampoo.

KOHLER BodySpa systems use a concept similar to whirlpool bathing. Simply fill the basin with water and activate the pump to start the flow. BodySpa systems propel water through the air to maximize the invigorating effect of hydro-massage. After enjoying the BodySpa experience, simply turn off the pump and open the drain. With the drain open, use the shower head for a conventional shower using soap and shampoo.

Kohler BodySpa System
Kohler BodySpa System

Jets in all the right places
BodySpa jets are strategically placed on either side of the spine at key massage accupressure points. Instead of a sharp stream from a narrow opening, each BodySpa jet propels a wide cylinder of water that is dispersed across the shoulders and down the center of the back in the style of a Swedish massage.Jet

Ease into the Experience
When the Custom BodySpa unit is turned on, the bodyjets are initially preset to low. This safety feature allows the user to adjust the water flow from a gentle stream to an ultra-rush of water for just the right degree of massaging action. Due to the volume and power of the water, it is recommended that the control pad be installed and operated in an area away from the water stream.

Premium Materials

BodySpa system components are crafted of a wide variety of materials. From Kohler Cast Iron bathtubs, to high-gloss acrylic receptors and tempered glass enclosures, these materials are durable, easy to clean and as practical as they are comfortable.

8-Jet BodySpa Acrylic
High-gloss acrylic fixtures resist chipping, and offer a smooth finish and rich color that penetrates the entire material.


Kohler BodySpa systems are UL Listed and IAPMO approved. Additional safety features include convenient, optional grip rails.

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