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Our toilets deliver a complete, powerful flush every time. Using a specialized dynamic flow profile, our engineers optimize water speed and force for each toilet. That's why many of our toilets can remove up to two pounds of bulk waste in one flush, and our High-Efficiency Toilets (HET) meet the WaterSense™ standard.


KOHLER® toilets rinse the bowl surface with every flush. Each toilet we design is engineered to maximize water flow to provide cleanliness and efficiency with every rinse of the bowl.


Water delivery is precision-designed to make our toilets virtually plug-free.


Great performance comes down to the ideal combination of power, cleanliness and plug resistance. We measure and fine-tune over 1,000 attributes with every toilet we design to achieve a single standard of quality. The result is total performance guaranteed.

Bold. Power.

Multiple technologies, one powerful flush.

Bold. Conservation.

Saving shouldn't mean sacrificing.
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